Spa Massage Facial and Waxing in Phoenix, Arizona


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Restorative Therapies for Women

Spiritude:  Restorative Therapies for WomenAt Spiritude Restorative Therapies for Women, we facilitate your healing through relaxation and education. Whether it be a massage, facial, spa treatment, reiki session or learning a new meditation technique, we're helping you return to a time when life didn't happen at such a fast pace.

Spiritude Restorative Therapies for Women is a haven for you to feel empowered about your health and wellness through an Ayurvedic consultation or therapy, giving you the opportunity to make conscious choices regarding diet and lifestyle.

As women, we are notorious for multi-tasking our days away. Let Spiritude Restorative Therapies for Women remind you of your beautiful spirit where peace and strength co-exist, just as a lotus flower blooms from the earth, turning its face toward the new-found light of optimism.

We look forward to seeing you soon!